What's your favorite console ? I love my switch, it is portable, has great games and HOMEBREWS.
I've been wanting to start making stuff on it for a while but didn't want to get banned, finally it's possible so here it is my first project : a Devrant client for switch !
It took me a bit cause i was unexperienced with the platform and there are a few technical issues i had to workaround ( like no support for ssl rn and devrant api is only https :/ ) but nevertheless it's here. I'm happy now.

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    Btw there's no debugger/crash dumps yet, only good old printf
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    Ps4 because monster hunter world
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    @devTea and persona 5 too but no homebrews :(
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    Awesome work! Homebrew is written in old plain C? I need to read up on hacking and writing own Homebrew. This console is too good to pass :D
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    I love Homebrew.
    I have it installed on my wii black (limited edition).
    Unfortunately, I did it when around 4 years passed. I was also afraid to break it.
    Now I can play more than 30 games :D
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    PS2, just GTA San Andreas
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    The "what's your favorite console" was just to get the thread started didn't expect anyone to actually answer it 😂, tbh I don't game a lot and my favorite console is actually the 3ds cause unlike the switch is truly portable even tho the os sucks

    @Agred this is written in c++ except for that ugly printf that I'm using for redirected console and the sdl c api. I've also seen a python interpreter around. Still the tools are not mature yet, as I said ssl is not supported , sd2 has some bugs and a lot of stuff about the os is still unknown/undocumented but everything it's moving really fast like the devs just got opengl to render 3d so hopefully soon enough it will be a great platform.
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    @exelix I'll definitely read about it when I'm back from the holidays. And about game dev. It would be pretty cool to launch something :D
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    Xbox One X

    And there is devRant for it! Thanks to @JS96!
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    I should really get a switch
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    Hey, I've been involved with the switch scene! I've done some reverse engineering on the SSL interface and we could probably get that to work if you're interested. I've also been working on a tool for making crash dumps (https://github.com/misson20000/...). If you're in the ReSwitched discord, feel free to ping me if you have any questions about the platform.

    I'm misson20000/misson20001 there (mind the misspelling)
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    @Xenotoad great to hear! I'm in that discord as well but I mostly lurk, I'll be contacting you later cause I actually have a few questions.
    Btw I have creport crash dumps but no way of using them.
    @3K-Vengeance it seems that as long you don't mess with cdn and block crash reports it is fine, plus if you're in EU you can disable telemetry from my Nintendo settings
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