HackerEarth once got hacked or had some other issues idk.

I was solving this hiring challenge. Suddenly when I opened some page, I got logged into someone else's account. I could see all the details of that guy. This happened for couple of times. I was getting randomly logged into someone else's account just by switching the pages.

I got annoyed and stopped the contest. Later, some random guy called me and claimed to be the hacker and he has my details and started reading them to me.

Ok, I knew something was wrong with the site and the details he was reading were basic details which are shown before starting the contest.

Still, I quickly removed my resume from their shite website and uploaded a dummy doc file.

All in all I fucking felt like I should have cut that guy's throat when he was reading my details to me as if he has something on me. I fucking hate such people. If I find this guy ever, I won't mind kicking his ass to death.

And for the hackerearth, you fucking bitches rot in hell with your shit website. I even filled a feedback form putting this guy's phone number and narrating the story to you. I even sent a mail to you. You fuckers care very less to even respond. Assholes!!!

And all those useless companies use hackerearth for the contests. Fucking get a life! Use hackerrank for once.

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