Tonight I dreamed a long series of really weird events that ended up in me getting Windows for my school chromebook. And now I’m sad that it didn’t happen, and that I’m still stuck with chromeOS 😔

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    @electrineer I tried something like that last year. After doing everything needed to go into dev mode, it showed an error screen saying something about it being disabled by an admin 😡. Then because my computer was now resetted, I had to go to said admin and ask him to connect my computer to schools WiFi.
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    @858master so the machine is owned by your school. Then there's little you can do. Maybe have a desktop home and use it remotely?
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    @electrineer Good idea, any way to do that which you would recommend?
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    @858master TeamViewer and Google's desktop sharing are easy ways. But if you are more privacy-conscious, you can tunnel VNC over SSH, for example. Search online for more info.
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