First rant.

But my god the incompetence of some people, I couldn't hold out anymore and this is cathartic.

As a Software Engineer, I'm asked to do a task that isn't even the job of the software department (i'm sure many of us have been there).

But still fairly simple, updating a couple of documents for the installation of a server for our customers.

By the way... This isn't our server software, it's the customers. We literally just put the hard-drives in the machine, install Windows Server and then install the customers software on top... why the fuck we have to do this is already beyond my comprehension!

But anyway, this other department who should be dealing with this (and their boss, let's call him Fred) want the document updating to say "Install Windows Server 2016" instead of "2012".... Why is this a software engineers job again?

But ok.. ok.. i'll do it.

I get it done, turns out there's a couple of documents to update. [Doc1] is actually physically setting up the server and installing WS2016. [Doc2] is instructions for setting up the customer software that needed a couple of changes to work with WS2016.

Then I get Cc'd in an email from Fred saying that [Doc1] has actually been discontinued and it was split into [Doc2] and one other document...

Double checking the other two documents to make sure there's no duplication, I send back a reply saying that while yes some information had been taken out of [Doc1] some months ago, [Doc2] did not contain the setup for the physical machine or OS, it assumes these steps have already been completed. And therefore [Doc1] must still be being used.

Now I must remind you at this point that, this isn't something we deal with in software. This task shouldn't really have even been given to us to do... I have no idea of this procedure and only learnt it by following the original documents and then updating the necessary parts to "Windows Server 2016"...

Fred then decides to get up of his arse and come round to speak to my manager (i'm sat on the desk next to him, doesn't address me at all). He starts complaining about how this email was wrong and that this document shouldn't be used. Standing right up against my managers desk, looming over him like he's trying to assert some physical dominance or something.

At which point I had to perk up and point out that [Doc2] truly doesn't contain any information about setting up Windows Server... it's _just_ customer software focused.

Fred: "I disagree"

What...? How the fuck can you disagree? Read the document! It literally says nothing about installing Windows Server!!

Me: "It really doesn't. It's just contains the software setup, which is why [Doc1] was suggested to me to update as well."

Fred: "It literally says 'Install Windows Server 2012' on the first line"


Me: "It actually says 'Insert the Windows Server 2012' disk"

If you'd fucking read it you prick.

Me: "You'll notice on the next step this is used to install/enable .Net 3.5, however there are no other steps relating to installing Windows Server... this information is contained in [Doc1]"

At which point, he's off complaining about how the documents should have been sorted and how the customer can't sign off on these changes 'cause they're not validated etc etc. Which to a degree are valid complaints, if we weren't making these changes AT HIS FUCKING REQUEST IN THE FIRST PLACE.

My manager has the patience of a saint. I honestly was getting red in the face listening to him.

In conclusion, Fred is a cunt.

Also archaic, antiquated systems are stupid.

Apparently, "Software has always done this"... The problem is all the original software group have left the company over the past 3 years. So no one from the old team who agreed to these 'old systems' are even here anymore. A lot of the older people/managers in this company refuse to grow, adapt and improve the existing systems and the company is suffering for it.

But I digress. That's another rant for another time I guess..

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    Welcome to devRant! And somebody get this guy a stressball!
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    @PythonTryHard Thanks xD, it definitely helped a lot just to get this down. I felt a lot better afterwards.. hopefully there won't be too many rants in future.
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