Trying to read and understand a document for a startup project, so I can help with wireframes and mockups.

So full of yadda yadda it makes you think "what do these guys drink in the morning?".

Is it that hard to make a simple and direct document? 😢

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    Actually it is very hard to make a simple and direct requirements document. We had a whole course in University dedicated to it lol.

    But I get your point 😁
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    @creativeJuice I know it's hard to make it simple, but I didn't mean it as simples as a TL;DR

    I believe it's absolutely possible to document things without all the verbosity and unnecessary jargons :P

    - Expected: draw a 30x30 circle at x: 40 / y: 60
    - Received: pick the circle tool and, with your mouse, draw a circle of 30px by 30px, with its bounding box starting at x40px and y60px from the top-left corner of your screen

    It wasn't about drawing circles, though, but describing how the user should use a search box (spoiler: it's just typing and pressing enter, WHY do we need 3 paragraphs?).
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