I want to rage quit today so badly.

Actually this is becoming an everyday thing.

I really hope this interview goes well this afternoon.

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    You mean you're nervous? Why would you want to rage quit if you didn't even go to the interview yet?
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    My current job, I want to rage quit.

    I cannot do so until I have solid offer on table.

    hence hoping the interview goes well
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    Good luck on the interview. Kill your ex-boss when you quit.
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    Good luck! Otherwise come to the Netherlands. We have better jobs, good beer, lovely cities, cheap transport by bike, and nice beaches. Maybe worse weather & taxes though.
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    @Michelle Yeah everyone knows you have to drag the decapitated head of your ex boss into the interview as a trophy to land a new job!
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    But if he's meeting his new boss then I don't think that would be such a great idea lol.
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    @Michelle How else would you assert your dominance. "Give me a job and make me a happy employee, or else..."
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    Not entirely sure how much more I can handle today lol.

    I mean they are on rampage today. I cannot handle the stupidity much longer.
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    I would love to live in Nederlands, I lived there two months in 2005, and it was the most amazing experience.

    The brisk morning walks along the canals in December, getting an espresso and sitting on patio.

    I will never forget it. It is my top city I would move to if things were different with my wife.

    Idk if she would qualify for immigration to the netherlands, which I barely would qualify for.

    I already looked at the prerequisites of migrating there. They have strict migration policies.
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    @rsync Get on their level. Stare into the void dreaming of other places, drool a bit, and answer every question with a vague long "uhh OK... I guess..."
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    @rsync Yeah migrating without having a job first would be difficult.
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    @bittersweet Better jobs, but not good beer :P the best beer is here in the south, Belgium!
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    I have actually stooped to using "idk" in response to every one of their questions.
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    @Condor I do not want to start a war with the South, so I'll give you that one. But we import your beer and have better internet 😁
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    @bittersweet The internet connectivity there is indeed pretty good. I've only used the cellular network from KPN when I was in the Netherlands, but never had any coverage issues :) also the traffic system.. foreign, strange but I quite liked it actually. Belgium on the other hand.. meh. Traffic control, roads, a total mess.
    (and the one Dutch beer that I chose at random when I was there was pretty decent actually.. but I wouldn't be a Belgian if I wouldn't have pride in our beer as by far the best in the world, you know :P)
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    Hang in there mkay
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    @bittersweet fun fact, I had 4 it jobs in the past... After I left all 4 of the company's turned to shit 🤷‍♂️
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    I think the interview went very well. I think I will be able to rage quite in a week or two if things keep progressing this well.
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    Same here man! My sympathies... Hope you find a better job.
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    Seriously, my patience is being tested today like no other.

    A few more hours to get through. But I need to find something soon, I cannot handle this much longer.

    They don't even try to use their brains anymore, it is too easy just to ping me. Then get mad when I tell them it is them not the server.
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    yes, went very well. This is step two, hopefully step 3 will be next week, and step 4 will be rage quit.
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