I have no friends when it comes to Mongo

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    Is this a real ad? 😂 😂 😂
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    if this is a real ad then that's a fucking retarded ad because there are as many, if not the VAST majority of use cases where relational databases outperform NoSQL like a Formula 1 car outruns a moped.

    Say NO to NoSQL in 2018 😂
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    RDBMS is way better for 95% of use cases
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    Aaah yes. Hating on popular things is how you grow your e-penis in 2018 😏
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    @CatMDV "MongoDB is by far the best database for literally 100% of use-cases and you should literally never use a SQL database literally ever." - MongoDB devs 😂😂
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    Allright, let's just throw out all the good things normal form bring us and go back to use just a plain file, where we store all our data... >.<

    Sure there are some usecases for NoSQL Databases but in 99.9% a RDBMS will do way better!
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    As much as I love noSQL, particularly elasticsearch (but mongo is also great), I just abandoned it in favor of Mariadb.

    I dropped literally weeks of work (which wasn't yet done. Didn't even work), started from scratch, completed in 3 hrs, and it runs amazingly!!!

    NoSQL has it's place, but it's no replacement.
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    @Wack exactly, like we use MongoDB for a document upload endpoints that just have to look up and serve a certain text file by URL with some permission scripting on top
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    @deadPix3l elastic search is awesome. However IMO it shouldn't be used as a replacement to a traditional DB for every thing. Like we used to have SPINX (not sure if it was written that way and to lazy to research ;)) to search stuff ontop of a RDBMS.

    @mjones44 I personally would probably just store info about the file in one table and have a correlating permission table for it. Let the FS handle the files and a script you're accessing to get the ressource the permissions.
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    @Wack I mean, same. it's legacy code that's been updated as best as we can do right now lol
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    Mongo like most other noSql solutions generally wins if there is lot of analysis to be done. Though that may not be the case always.

    I've used mongo in the past and even in some of my current projects. I generally use it as a logging tool. Wherein i can log data like for eg. User location (in case he's moving) etc.
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    @mjones44 Look... NoSQL db's have their place. However, people drank too much Kool-Aid. Bootcamp teachers promoted them like crazy since it's super easy to persist your data from MEA(R)N application. Bring it to a bank instead of Oracle DB, and you will unleash hell!
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    @brano88 that's exactly what I'm saying
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    NoSQL sucks for almost everything. In most cases we all aren't getting big big datasets without any relationship with other datasets. A real world application has so much data dependency. And you can't embed every god damn thing in a document. I don't know why (js, nodejs) people don't prefer sql dbs. There are various wrappers which actually makes db operations happen directly from your js object. You don't have to write raw query.
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