RIP AlexDeLarge!

Do any of you know what happened?

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    EDIT: apperantly he still owns that account, just deleted it and made a new one under the old name......
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    @ewpratten @linuxxx Can you contact him via Signal?
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    @xzvf Nope we never shared numbers and as far as I know he just left because he was fed up with loads of stuff on here.

    Just recreated the account to prevent abuse/keep it. He's not coming back I think.
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    @linuxxx OK.

    Sad to see him go, I liked him a lot.
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    @RantSomeWhere OK, thanks.

    It still sucks though. It really feels like the community is falling apart(I know that I'm partially responsible for that, sorry)
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    @RantSomeWhere hmm a bit weird if it's all because of memes.

    I hate memes too but I don't see them anymore. Almost zero.

    I use Algo sort with Rants, Questions filter.

    I do agreed that before filter feature, there were lots of memes and etc on my feed but since the introduction of filter, it improved.
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