RIP AlexDeLarge!

Do any of you know what happened?

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    EDIT: apperantly he still owns that account, just deleted it and made a new one under the old name......
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    @ewpratten @linuxxx Can you contact him via Signal?
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    @xzvf Nope we never shared numbers and as far as I know he just left because he was fed up with loads of stuff on here.

    Just recreated the account to prevent abuse/keep it. He's not coming back I think.
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    @linuxxx OK.

    Sad to see him go, I liked him a lot.
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    I dunno if he wants you to know this, but this is what happened. (I’ll try to stay objective, since I was involved in the discussion as well).
    Alex ranted about devRant. How shitty the situation was with the memes, reposts and stuff. Several other people (including me) joined in. Dfox started defending and provided solid arguments. Eventually, it spiraled into an argument. I don’t know exactly what they were talking about since I was basically reading this in during my chemistry lesson, but dfox mentioned at some point how he and I could stay “in a place we hated so much” (we both were discussing about leaving devRant at an earlier time and dfox pitched in as well, but that shall not matter). Alex then said that he would leave soon anyway (which is no big surprise, honestly) and shortly after, he was gone.
    Just FYI: I don’t think he would want you to spark drama about his quitting.
    I might be wrong, but Alex mentioned that he could come back at some point and would just lurk
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    @RantSomeWhere OK, thanks.

    It still sucks though. It really feels like the community is falling apart(I know that I'm partially responsible for that, sorry)
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    @RantSomeWhere hmm a bit weird if it's all because of memes.

    I hate memes too but I don't see them anymore. Almost zero.

    I use Algo sort with Rants, Questions filter.

    I do agreed that before filter feature, there were lots of memes and etc on my feed but since the introduction of filter, it improved.
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