The interview today went very well. I am not at the "senior" level they are looking for, but they are impressed enough with my knowledge and skills to actually think about creating a position for me instead of hiring me for the senior they are currently looking for.

This company would be absolutely perfect for me, I really liked the people who conducted the interview as well, I think I got along personality wise with them, which is actually quite rare for me.

Plus the company has a team of 8 developers a QA department, and even a @Floydian!!

It is like my absolute perfect match.

First time in long time I am actually excited about the prospect after an interview.

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    Great to hear! Good luck!
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    Ah, yes, the old switcheroo. The "you're not experienced enough but we love you anyway" is a typical move to lower salary.

    Just, be a little bit suspicious.
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    @polaroidkidd good advice. There are plenty of senior developers around so why would they create a role and not just look for a more suited candidate
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