WHYYYYY?! Our new IT teacher told us we are forbidden to apply dark theme to our IDEs...

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    on the basis of...?
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    lol fuck that guy

    it doesn't change anything of the function, so you should be allowed to configure it how you like it best
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    He is not your IT teacher
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    WTH! I'm triggered.
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    Maybe the teacher wants you to go blind
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    Who's he to say what you do with your IDE?
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    Well... That's racist
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    Ask for a valid reason (which dosen't exist imo) and post it here in the comments for us to rant about.

    If it's a bullshit reason, please make an official complain to your school / student union.
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    O shit
    It’s starting
    Those light-theme cult missionaries aren’t holding back anymore when preaching their ideology
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    Just apply it wtf can he do against? It's your opinion
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    Hur dur it'll make you a haxxor. And no hoodies!
    Dark IDE + hoodie gets you b& and v&.


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    I agree, dark themes automatically make you a no-go hacker. You should most definitely only use light themes to show that you're a good programmer and not some lowlife scum.
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    @RiderExMachina I hope that's sarcasm
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    Maybe he needs to read your code and he can't do so on dark theme, I don't know, just a guess.
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    That's like teachers forcing students to use a basic text editor instead of a basic IDE for programming. So what if you get help or feel better?
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    @Puddinglord that would make more sense. That way you can evaluate if the student knows basic functions and syntaxes and not only relying on autocomplete features.

    But the theme? No reason.
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    Of course it is. I couldn't live without dark themes. (maybe that makes me a no-good hacker?)
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    Dear IT teacher;
    Burn in hell;
    Love me;
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    Why? Does he have _any_ justification???
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    Maybe he don't want you to know he have bad eyes and can't see when it's dark...

    Or maybe he's an ass.
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    @littledaxter the teacher said that on lighter bg it's easier to see the letters... I tried to explain that dark theme is much better but I was ignored 😑
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    @knurek123 is easier for whom?

    One thing is a recommendation based on your personal preference and other thing is a prohibition.

    Stupid teacher.

    Is like telling the students "Nobody use the left hand because I write better with my right hand".
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    @grayfox "better for everyone", "easier to read for me and all of you", "I really hate dark themes", just to quote a few things he said
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    @knurek123 Well you can always level up the being-an-asshole game and do your thing with your dark theme, and when you need to show him code, open it in a regular text editor, without syntax highlighting, nothing. Just plain black on white.
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    @grayfox well, that's not a bad idea! I hate light themes and I have problems with my vision when looking at black text on white background.
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    Any attempt at logical discussion with these ppl is futile.

    We do not negociate with terrorists.
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    Your teacher is an infidel and has to treated as one.

    Deus vult!
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    This is the kind of nonsense that will lead me to the Dean's office. This is plain stupid. I'd still use dark theme to see what his or her reaction will be. Nonsense.
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