Everytime the government gets involved with internet, restrictions get applied.

Everytime restrictions get applied everyone loses their shit, screaming revolution.

And then...


(Ajit who?)

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    No one has seen the long lasting effects of these restrictions, yet.
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    I see a potential increase in popularity for anonymous networks, when everyone's content, completely backed by freedom of speech, gets cencored by automated copyright protection.

    Added privacy as a bonus.

    They have to fuck up the law and implementation very rough for that too happen, though.
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    Revolution doesn't come in waves of people in the street.
    It is not disobbedience against the power, it is working in the right direction.
    For example I am playing with some friends with radios, even if we still have a lot to study...
    people does not care, what did you expect? They just take whatever comes, but I am putting my grain of salt where I think I should.
    someone is working on blockchain, others in distributed routing, I prefer a lower level, I want to see what do I have to do to use a radio, maybe there is something that still doesn' t know freedom!
    It's an attack on every front!

    Educate yourself and educate the others, show them the way but let them walk through it.

    Let's build up critical mass! One grain of salt per time, without expectation, improving what you think need improvement, don' give up!
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