“PDF is evil” - Yusuke Shinyama (a.k.a euske on github, creator of pdfminer).

I spent countless hours trying to extract link actions from interactive pdf, dealing with all that pdf bullshit of endless instruction chains and pdf reference of 1000 pages. In php.

Thanks god, there exists some really great open source libraries like the one mentioned above that helps dealing with all that shit. So, my thanks to all open source contributors.

And fuck PDF.

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    PDF created a multitude of Jobs because it's so shitty it needs experts and software. 😄
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    Acutally PDF is great, but I hate it because once the PDF is ready, nobody remembers the original file anymore.

    They are simply deleted.

    Same happens when someone send me a URL to be translated. No, no code access. I don't even know if the text is hardcoded or come from somewhere else. They just want it translated but have no idea how they need to receive it back.
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