A big shoutout to coding which helps me successfully avoid all the toxic thoughts I've been having today

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    Coding itself can be toxic.

    Note: this is a toxic comment.
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    I'd much rather deal with seg faults than with my own dumped core
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    @shinypotato Exceptions are better then IRL rejections lol.
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    exactly thats me today
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    @shinypotato feel free to vent if you want to :)
    Get all that garbage out. This is a platform for ranting, after all.
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    Once I had a full tooth root inflammation, went to the dentist for fixing, but it would still hurt AF. I just went to work because I was the only remaining dev during vacation season - and guess what, the stress was so intense that I forgot about the pain. ^^
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    @RememberMe thank you
    I'm just having self-esteem issues, which turned into the last days as crippling thoughts that somehow I might lose the people I care about to newer people, just because to me it looks like those new people are just -better- than me. So when my people come back to me and see me again, they'll think "this sucks, the new person was cooler. C ya". I know this is very irrational and I'm really struggling to fight it, I shared my feelings with the people in cause, and they naturally reassured me, but it's just so painful to think about this and I can't quite get it out of my head when I'm not constantly focussed on something else. It's just all in my head. I'm meeting up with them tomorrow anyway, though, to talk about this, but it's a long struggle-not-to-constantly cry day until then
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