Exactly why I don't use Tor Browser with Tor.


Since it is the most widely used browser, and all exploits are targeted for it, I use a browser that works with .onion addresses but is somewhat obscure on tor, even though the possibility exists of being identified by my browser, it would be a soft identification and would only be able to follow my traffic not identify who I am, which I feel is better than being completely exploited as Tor seems to still be safe, it is Tor Browser that allows deanonymization.

Security through obscurity.

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    Just send the same user-agent as Tor browser. Now they can't really follow the traffic that well.
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    @filthyranter true that is really easy to spoof
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    You can point any browser (or anything that supports proxies really, including proxychains) to use the Socks listener on localhost:9050 🙂 I usually do it this way as I find the Tor browser to be too outdated. And the add-ons that Tor browser uses, I use them in both Firefox and Chrome anyway. Do refrain from using your daily driver with Tor though. Chrome is my daily driver here, while Firefox is for "nefarious" and experimental purposes. Think Burp Suite, Tor etc.
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    same. I use Opera for Tor. I also use a completely separate encrypted drive computer as well.

    And if I am actually on Tor to practice pen testing or buy drugs I generally will switch to Tails on the encrypted computer.

    With all the big markets being busted, sort of makes you wonder if Tor has been broken.
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    @rsync Tor isn't, computers are. And leaky web browsers, leaky WanBLowS, busted hidden servers etc. Also most importantly.. anyone can set up guard and exit nodes. Control both of them and you can use time correlation and traffic analysis to know the entire circuit. Governments are known to do this, and they do it pretty well. The higher the percentage of the Tor network that you control, the higher the chance that someone will connect through your nodes.
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