Apple makes fantastic phones with fantastic chips and displays that actually respect your privacy and provide hardware guarantees of doing so. And people find a way to hate that and pretend google is even in the same league let alone better. Well, at least I know how trump won.

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    9.5/10 trolling.
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    @monkeyboy Nope he isn't even remotely trolling for as far as I know him.

    I'd love to agree but as long as the iOS code isn't open, I still don't trust the system. (nothing personal to the OR)

    For the record, I trust Google less than apple because Google has been a mass surveillance company from the beginning.
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    @linuxxx no I’m absolutely trolling.

    But, like all trolling, I try to make it 50% true or more. People force themselves to hate Apple, but it’s just so illogical, I never understand it.

    I have an iPhone and I love it.
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    @FrodoSwaggins Wouldn't say the hate is illogical. I hate them mostly because of their anti right to repair shit, and the fact that their phones have little to no customisability options. The actual hardware, though, isn't half bad.
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    @qdsp13 well another way to look at that is I stopped having to fix my phone when I started using iPhones. Although mine has finally started to have an issue after 4 years. But the repairs don’t look so bad. Once it’s this old, I figure I’m not too sad to work on it myself.

    I will say this: I really hate that you can’t get OEM parts. The aftermarket displays are utter shit.
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    @monkeyboy did you mean 9/11?

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    A funny story that fits here and google-mastercard case a friend of mine told me today. He was drinking with some guys and they were talking about thing that rarely comes to their discussion, namely agricultural machinery. Next day he started to get all kinds of tractor and plow ads. His only explanation was, Siri (he's iphone/ipad user) occasionally listens keywords, so when some people are talking about tractors all night thus this is a thing to show its owner.
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    @norman70688 someone randomly mentioned the NRA in conversation here a few months back and every android device in the house (except mine 🙂) started serving us NRA ads for a few days. We had never been served NRA ads before then, nor since.

    Google absolutely listens.
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    @norman70688 I know for a fact that google does that, but I do not think Siri does.

    That’s why the google stuff is free or cheap. You pay for it...
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    For the price of a Mac or iPhone I can build a pc, buy a phone, buy a laptop, encrypt all of it (though indeed Apple has better encryption of iPhones) have all that usual blubber like "it syncs" and everything else too

    I have an iPhone myself and I just can't make it my daily driver, it's simply too locked in, keyboards, launchers, themes etc. what was do-able with jailbreak partially was amazing, but nowadays jailbreak is just full of shit and dipshit kids that it takes at least four times the time there's already a new update rendering the old method useless.
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    Agreeing with @JoshBent: I need the ability to customize my device, and Apple does everything they can to prevent that.

    Hell, I can't even change my window/control color on my macbook to anything but blue or grey. There isn't a way to add more options, either, without voiding the warranty. (And I have a 3yo...).
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    @Root well I’m a cheater. My two laptops are a thinkpad t61 15 inch (wonderful machine; only reason I upgraded to it is because my t41 gpu got cold solder joints) and a 2008 MacBook Pro (pre-unibody) 17 inch. The MacBook is truly apples masterpiece of all laptops, everything was easily user serviceable, gigantic ass and gorgeous lcd, most beautiful design ever, fast, I could put a second hard drive in the cd bay.
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    @FrodoSwaggins "but I do no think Siri does". Until apple releases the iOS source code (they never will), you can't be sure
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    @AforAutism better doubt than be sure that you’re being betrayed.
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    @FrodoSwaggins If Siri doesn't listen then the possible ways he was connected to this conversation are even creepier (theoretically through other devices and/or social media)
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