My react component is now over 1000 lines long and contains 28 state values. Go ahead and roast me. I deserve it.

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    Does it work tho?

    No roasting involved if it works my dude
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    @AleCx04 it works great. Its just impossible to have anyone else work on it
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    I feel for you, bro.
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    @SauceBoss hahah ! Its building a specification for a worldwide data format used across all healthcare called HL7 (health level 7). Pretty much every type of transaction done in a hospitals is done over hl7 and is a plain text message so this helps with building specs to convert it. It started out with two modals and quickly turned into 7 as my R&D kept turning up more conditions needing met. It's really a beast that needs broken up into easily 8 components.
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    @dUcKtYpEd actually been there. I feel for you.

    Maybe refactor to function as a child may simplify your component enough to extract functionality
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    dont know the specs you have so this is just a kind suggestion, i have inherited same kind of project. refactored that and made pages with several components on it instead of modals when they needed more functionalities.
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    @legacyJanitor @perotti that's the road I'm about to have to go down. I really want to put the help on it but there's just no way. It's probably going to be 7 different components
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