Do we have a devRant gift exchange? We should, I want to give people ducks and ++ subscriptions!

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    Found this post on the topic by @cursee: https://devrant.com/rants/1078035/...
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    @theNSA not really a feature but @C0D4 once sent @CozyPlanes a sticker because he want it so bad
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    We don’t, but there’s nothing I know of stopping you from purchasing for someone else, as long as they are willing to hand over their personal details.
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    There is no need to give the user personal detail. @dfox can change the order to your adress etc and its good to go. @olverine purchased me a duck for winning his challenge while im still waiting for the duck then yes its possible to sent it. But would be cool to have this automated and have option to purchase as gift in the store.
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    Devrant devs, please add this! Would love the ability to give or receive ducks this way!
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    This feature would be awesome yes!
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