Who the actual fuck sits in the jira design team??
Most of the screens are just a misaligned pile of shit. Useless functions and a shitty single page application experience on top.
For fucks sake, this ruins my day.

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    Lol I think thats what happens when you keep climbing abstraction levels until using your program becomes as much work as building it.

    Okay now I typed in this field, now all I need to do is check this value, tick this box, drag this frame, select from that dropdown and press this button and then this screen slides out and I have to select these four things and from now on this other person is able to fill in this other box 😂
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    I thought JIRA looked good. Never used it, though.
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    @jAsE I'm not sure if we use the latest version but still. Even 2 years ago this would have been shitty ui & ux..
    I mean you can do everything you have to do, but it's not a single bit intuitive or user friendly
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    I use JIRA only to write work logs (occasional issue creation). I find the problem is that, their documentation is not on par. Oh and try to use some plugins or get stuff from their DB using their interface. It's frustrating.
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