Most hours I worked were a total of 30 hours 2 months ago.
I usually freelance after my day job, and back then I had a tough client.
This client had me sleeping for less than 3 hours a day for that month, with their on going demands.

That day,I had gotten up at 5 AM to show up early to work, check in, finish fast and roll back home to finish the clients work because "they" were behind "their" deadline.
Funny thing is, the company I work at also had a deadline as well. I stayed with the boyz until 8 PM and then drove back home, bought on my way a 4 pack of redbulls and chugged one down while the coffee was brewing.
I kept working until sunrise and reached a point where my face was stingy and numb 5 hours after the 24 hour mark.

I was done with the bastards request and added the short noticed features they pinned as "urgunt" to my tickets at 2 AM in the morning that night. Only to be called moments after I uploaded the changes that they were pleased with the progress and everything else, but also had other feature to be implemented ASAP if it was possible.
At that point I have had enough of their bullshit, and told them that I can't keep up with their on going demands and their pace of requests does not fit a one man job, and they needed a team. I thanked them for their feedback and told them good day and hanged the phone.
In the end I got my payment and that was that.

But yeah 30 hours is my max capacity so far, I don't think I will do that again.

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