User in the same office (trusted) has admin access so she can make new accounts for people.

Busy Remote Desktop Server shuts down randomly.

After getting it back up, tearing through the logs to see what happened.

Me: You shut down the server...

Her: I thought I hit log off...


Don't worry though, its only happened twice.

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    found the bug
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    @cjbatz you're the misogynist, if anyone is. @dthree 's post makes no suggestion as to the trusted user's gender having anything to do with her actions. It just tells the story as-is. If anything, it points to @dthree being quite insensitive to his co-worker's dismay, which is okay-ish since this is devrant, and ranting is what we do.
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    Why use the gender symbol after the face palm
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    @johnny-cache thank you.

    Shes actually very smart. We both laughed at it. And I've done far worse. Things starting with truncate or rm.
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    @cjbatz that seems to be a rendering problem of the emoji on your side. All I see is a face plaming guy. No gender symbols whatsoever.
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    Thanks @undaunted,

    I'm very sorry @dthree and @johnny-cache. I just checked and it there is a rendering issue in my Chrome browser.
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    I'm gona delete my original comment as it was made in error
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    Never trust the (trusted) user!
    (It's not a gender thing)
    Grant them specific permission to do what they require and nothing more.
    You can achieve that with PowerShell Just Enough Administration:
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    @cjbatz Are you fucking for real now? Rendering issues are offensive these days? I so fucking hope that that remark was sarcasm.. otherwise, what the fuck is this society even getting to. Can't wait for it to all be obliterated at this point.
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