In our company, we rewrite our entire web application from scratch. We use Scrum, of course (who doesn't?). Every thing we do must be backed by a user story. And every user story must give the end user some benefit. The problem is, there are a lot of non-functional requirements that are very hard to formulate from a end user's point of view. Of course, you can say "As end user John Doe, I want my data stored in a safe way, so that others cannot see my data." But what about the whole development process and deployment? The user doesn't want to notice this.

So we were discussing versioning of our microservices and how to define which versions work together. For doing that, you need time, of course, and if you need time, you either have it planned in a user story, or you have to work extra hours, because it's not accounted for in the planning.

So the Product Owner suggested what a Product Owner with no technical background would suggest: Create a user story for it, and of course one from the perspective of the end user. I asked how the user should witness that we have proper dependency management and sensible version numbering of the microservices. The Product Owner replied: "I think we can display the current version number somewhere in our web application."

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    As PO i want ....

    And if a dev wants refactoring he requests for an "As a dev I want ..." userstory.
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    @Codex404 I need to add that "Product Owner" and "Developer" are not among the personas we are allowed to use.
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    Why is it being limited to only an end user, instead of <role> ?

    As a user, I don't want my application to break because there wasn't correct versioning....?
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    @fjmurau @mrmr Then I have a suggestion: As user I want the developers to have a good work environment in order to let them develop in peace and make sure the product I use is created without frustration at the side of the developers.
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    User stories make sense when designing an application, but not when developing it. Design choices and development details are different things
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    @david-hil they make sense for developing as well. Ive worked with it in a web development environment as well as application development and game development.

    Its just that you dont want to restrict the number of parties having interest in good software.
    In my experience at least 3 parties are involved. User, PO, and Developer.
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    Our team struggles with this too. We have recently started adding those types of requirements to a story that touches on that piece of code. "Yes, you can have that feature, but I need to refactor the code to fit it in." And it gets estimated higher.
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    Will "technical user stories" do the trick? http://rgalen.com/agile-training-ne...
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