So there's a lot of rants flying around about this master/slave thing. Just gonna toss in my two cents.

I say good riddance. About time we start removing these kinds of words from inappropriate settings.
Personally I don't think we should be allowed to mention master/slave at all unless talking in a respectful manner about it's origin. i.e. sweet kinky sexy times. Like seriously guys, can we not keep things in perspective? Think how hard it is for us... I mean those people who are into petplay and such. Trying to learn about computers while constantly being reminded of their bedroom habits. So distracting and unfair.

So let's even the playing field and from now on call it spanker/spankee. Ok? This way it couldn't possibly refer to anything else and couldn't confuse anyone.

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    I do think that master/slave in IT is kinky.
    Seing failover work as it should is arousing
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    Yeah, I hate HTML for their DOM. And visual basic for it's sub! So kinky. Get a room.
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    This is an IT (and failover) thing. Let's keep it in that context and let's not get butthurt over something which has nothing to do with slavery.
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    @linuxxx It's pretty hard to not get butthurt when involved with master/slave or anything BDSM really. Sorta comes with the territory I guess. Along with a whip, handcuffs, and a muzzle.
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    master/slave in IT has been around long before whipping and kinky sexual shit became "normalized" really.
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    @Linux That is entirely not the point of this joke. It is a joke about misunderstandings.
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