CMake. Two different ways to find package. Same command. Different search paths.

CMake. Install an export? Generate 17 different CMake scripts. Which can't be found unless they are put in the right path, *which is system fucking dependent*.

CMake. Export was installed? The import library is not global, so it cannot be aliased. WTF? WTAFF?!

CMake. Package not found. Okay add it as an external project. But you can't now find it again unless you refucking run fucking CMake again.

CMake. Debugging an external project problem? Well, just wipe the build and start again, because ~~ Mysterious State ~~. Even if that means rebuilding everything else.

CMake. Where even the documentation for "if" makes no sense.

Who are these deranged monkeys? Who gave them jobs? Why do people use their flung poop of a build system?

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    Cmake sucks, everybody knows that.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I still have literally no fucking idea why this external project exports a library target, installs the export, but when I use find_package with it, I can't alias it because it's not global.

    CMake makes the export scipt. CMAKE makes it. There is no documentation that even _mentions_ this issue. Why does it not add GLOBAL to the add_library statement it itself inserts in its own fucking script?!?!
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    It's not just fucking voodoo bullshit. It is fucking voodoo bullshit that does not work.
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    Right. It just doesn't do it. install(EXPORT) will make import libraries that cannot be aliased, and there is no option to make it do so.

    I am apoplectic with rage. What is the fucking point?
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    I love your anger. You belong here.
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