Is anyone having issues with new chrome on Windows 10?
Mine looks blurry and fuzzy. It's making my eyes pain.

P.S. I hate this weird scaling in windows.

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    Sounds like the app scaling setting (of Windows) is not on 100%, which it actually should be.👀
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    @nitwhiz Everything is fine. I updated the chrome and this weird shit started
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    If you mean the browser, recent Chrome looks like shit anyway
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    @d4ng3r0u5 Yes but it's bearable on ubuntu. Looks crisp. But what's wrong with the windows
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    @NeedAJob well then, you get a fuck-windows free ticket.😂
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    Two things I don't use. Two problems I don't deal with. (He says while trying to get his 7 inch touch display working with an rpi3b+ running fedora arm)
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    @Torbuntu did you set the correct resolution?
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    @PrivateGER Yup. It starts off with the boot message just fine and then after a certain point it loses the screen and goes black. I asked in the IRC channel and it wasn't supported. I was hoping this update fixed it but it didn't. So... ah well
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    *obligatory your problem is Windows comment*
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    @xzvf *obligatory yeah i do this on cuck9 wm and i love it comment*
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