I think it's just me.
Every time I build something I feel as if I completely mess it up. For example, after a few days of working on an Android app after school, I feel like It's already become a mess. Perhaps it is just my aversion to making thousands of classes for every little detail, because I feel as if it would slow down my app (even if it were a minor penalty), but it usually makes for a onStart() function with ~90 lines of code which just makes me feel bad on the inside (and also a bad developer, so I wouldn't dare ask money for an app I built). Either way, if I would add these calls to other functions my Fragment/Activity class would still be fat. Also, typing 'context: Context' or 'Context context' just seems awkward.
I also feel like most frameworks are just a mess. Take Qt, for example. Quite a community touting how great it is (I use KDE Plasma btw) and I'm sure it is. I've got an idea for a desktop app but just the idea of it using some sort of JS (yes, I'm talking about QML which I'm considering) gives me the shivers. I already don't like Electron, so the idea of having JS embedded in a desktop app just doesn't sound right to me. But again, maybe it's just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    If you're looking for advice, a few things:

    1) You are demonstrating the Dunning-Kruger effect. Your level of experience has you questioning your approach. That's good.

    2) I strongly recommend reading Martin Fowler's Refactoring book:


    That book helps you make organization and simplicity out of otherwise would-be spaghetti code.

    3) After that, I recommend reading Clean Code by Robert Martin:


    These books will help you gain confidence and know what to do as far as scaling your app(s) into more complicated yet maintainable designs.
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    @duckWit Thanks, I'll be sure to give those books a look :)
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