Since it is now the hot topic to talk about, here is my input.

The new python change is a terrible idea.

We should totally start a community python fork that stays 100% up to date with master, but removes that one pull request

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    Wait, what did I miss re:python?
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    Oh the master/slave thing.

    Honestly, as a PoC residing in a country with an unpleasant history for my ancestors, the terms never bothered me.

    I feel pandered to and insulted when things like this happen.
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    @windlessuser Socual Justice is never about "justice" for minorities. Its just a convenient means to enact their desired political changes.

    Look throughout history at all of their complaints and achievements. They've never actually helped anyone, and often insult the very people they are supposedly helping.

    Voter ID laws ostensibly opress black Americans because, literally, "they are unable to use a computer or find out where/how to get an ID." Sounds pretty racist to me. Chinese/Korean/Cambodian clothes and wedding dresses are offensive to women of those nationalities? -- except none of them care, and many think it's awesome that the US is using their clothing styles.

    They never help those they say they're helping. In fact, I would posit that they've never helped anyone at all. Everything they do is based entirely on emotion, and that's entirely useless.
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    I agree, OP
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    @Root rephrase in korean thingy?
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    @CozyPlanes There was an outcry here in the US over "cultural appropriation."

    Some women here were wearing Chinese, Korean, Cambodian, Indian, etc. style clothing, and a few of them wore those countries' traditional wedding dresses.

    SJWs made a huge deal out of it, saying how offensive that was to the people of China, Korea, etc. How we should leave their cultures alone and never use anything of theirs because 'doing so cheapens and diminishes their culture.' (Paraphrased)

    Except there wasn't anyone from any of the countries listed that had a problem with it. Many of the women interviewed from those countries actually appreciated and encouraged it.
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    @Root I agree with you completely, but I want to understand why people do this shit, in a land where there supposedly should be freedom, people are always at each other's throats for stupid reasons, why is that becoming the norm In the U.S?
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    @HRT-713 @Root reminding myself to respond
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