Requesting an act of courage: someone fork Python from the master and maintain a version of the language as it was, please.

Please, in name of the logical thinking, rationality and common sense.

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    I've seen a couple of people with the same idea, but no one wants to do it, it will take a great amount of effort.
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    @rgomez yeah, I know. It is a project too big to manage without the proper competence... And without a very good team.

    I just hope some kind people will make this dream true.
    I'd follow them instantly.
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    I'd say kick him in the nuts, but I doubt Guido got any at this point.
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    I don't want to be a cryer about the subject because I just find it stupid(I don't have much context since I'm just scratching the top of this world) but that guy at first was like, this is ridiculous, and then he was the one to finish the conversation saying that "they made up their minds"
    😂 WTF dude, at least stand by your words.
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    Do it yourself instead of asking others to do it.

    If your idea is so shit that you can't be motivated to make it work then why should others bother?
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    Now who’s triggered lol
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