Time for one of those eye-rolling super vague general question threads 🙃 How do you find edge cases when you're testing your code?

Reason I'm asking is I'll spend AGES testing something I've built, then it goes in for review and IMMEDIATELY the person reviewing it finds some daft edge case I would have never thought to look for.

Current theory is that I'm testing it too much from a developer's perspective (does this request get issued, does localStorage get updated, etc etc) and not enough from a user's perspective (what does this button do) but even then these edge cases keep popping up and it's really annoying 🙃

Who's got some insights?

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    Don't worry about it. It's pointless and absurd to concern yourself about things that you don't think about. The whole point of a review and of QA is to acknowledge that one person probably can't think of every case.
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    Take a break from the piece of code. 'Forgetting' (for a lack of better wording) the thing you're working on gives you a new perspective. Do you duck it?
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    @Floydian, this is your time to shine 😁
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    Never think of the obvious. Always try what can never happen and surprise yourself with a bug.

    Fun fact: the dumb user will try only that scenario which you never thought could happen.

    @Condor thanks for the tag babes 😘
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    I guess I'm probably some sort of bastard half-brother of @Floydian because I've been off in testing for seven fucking years, which taught me to see my own code in new ways.

    Basically, devs look at their code with "how it works" glasses. Testers and reviewers, however, instead think "ok, what do I have to do to make that code break?" That's the key.
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