When im going home from school i spent about 45 minutes in a bus with free wifi.
Since im geek i always run checks on network that i enter. Well what a suprise. Slovakia fucking MHD (Buses) uses a device with linux 2.6.32 ffs. And Rpi with 4.4 or even less. Im seriusly thinking of running dirty cow script on that 2.6.32 device. This shit is just crazy.
Im waiting for my NFC reader to check the cards that we use to pay in the bus. Either it will just have the money stored on that card which i hope is not true. Or its just ID and server has the money in which case i can just buy NFC cards without manufacter block and just copy the card to that one and well have what ever card i want.

So if somebody is working at Slovakia MHD go and fucking secure your fucking crap ffs. Im not even talking about trains since those just use admin admin as login to router.

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    The bus company here in Belgium (De Lijn) recently introduced a similar auth system with cards like the ones you use to check in at companies. I hate that system because I don't want DL to know what busses I take, and when... But the idea of probing around in that governmental mess isn't a bad idea.. quite a good idea actually! I'd totally get myself one of those cards just for that :3
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    I always had the idea of having a botnet of buses back in my mind.
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    What would be the point if you coukf copy the ID? Steal IDs of other people? Also, it's very likely that you won't be able to read the card, because you don't have the key.
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    @sSam there is no key on cards, at least not on the classical ones. It's just a coil and a chip containing the data in there. Introduce an AC electromagnetic field near the card, card's coil picks it up and powers the internal IC. That then sends out its data in a broadcast manner, without asking questions. Probably there's newer versions of RFID-based authentication that solved this.. but many of the card-based authentication systems still use that old, exploitable method. It'd be interesting to see if public transit does too.
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    @ssam even if they had a key then it would be easy. I did the same thing on my ISIC card. It was protected by key well there are lists of millions of keys and well i was able to read it. And since we can use ISIC cards as bus card too then the keys must be the same as on ISIC card or there are none keys and booooom
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    @sSam also i didnt say anything about using other people ID. Thats just terrible. But i will surely file a report to them once i copy one card i have at home with different ID.
    Also if i find the software that reads the card then im pretty sure i can do code execution on it.
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