Okay, the shit is getting real.
I seriously don't like this.
I've used blacklist/whitelist variable names for so many times before without giving a thought about racism, LOL.

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    That’s because it’s not racist, it’s a word. People are just looking for excuses to call things racist so they can raise everyone’s blood pressure.
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    you racist ;D </sarcasm>
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    Its pathetic to see all the people crying about "slave/master" as racism. Many of the so called self pronounced "victims" has probably never even experience any racism. But ey if i cant built something successfully myself, i can always try to call people who has a better life than myself for racists and it their fault i am failure.
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    Wouldn't expect less from a guy with a profile picture like his
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    Yeah it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that black was the color of pirates, assassins and thieves guilds.

    Blacklists where lists drawn up by rulers, lists of people known to prefer the safety of the night for their occupation.
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    I want this people to try to change the words in linux code base and want to see linus reply to this people. It would be awesome.
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    We should not allow those out of touch with objective reality to impact it.
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    Wtf is happening 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @FrodoSwaggins I don't appreciate your reference to high blood pressure. I'm sure you're perfectly aware of how insensitive it is to make light of the genetic predispositions African Americans have towards heart and circulatory system issues. I feel triggered and I think you owe me an apology.

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    @taigrr I think we should replace black colour with something not actually black. Something like 'opposite of white' or 'darkest color'. Please suggest some names so that we deal with this once and for all
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    But the slippery slope is a paranoid fallacy! It's just a couple of lines referencing 'slave' being changed, it isn't going to... oh fuck.
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    @sauronjs I think we should avoid using any reference to "white" as well, as there are enough things named after white people already.

    Maybe we can use "bleached" and "inky" as replacers for white and black.
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    @taigrr LMAO.
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    People who require / implement these changes are the real racists.
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    Whitelist is the best list
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    @taigrr Would be better to stick to the original meaning, replace whitelist/blacklist with "index diem/noctem".

    "I'll put you on my list of the night, you vile malefactor!"
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    @bittersweet haha. I actually considered it but given the tone of the circumstances I figured the more absurd the better
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    As I am left handed, now I am offended each time someone says you are right. Are they saying that only right handed people can be right. I propose changing the right word for everyone. Cause everyone is always right.

    Anything different from that and you are just hurting the feelings of the person. Colleges and clients should do that, too. No matter what you do, you will be always perfect.
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    As someone who have trouble seeing the full spectrum of colors and distinguishing between some of them I propose everything be reworked to a white-gray-black gradient so that everything that needs a color representation be inclusive to everyone who can't see colors.
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    @hell good point. To further it, how are we to accommodate those who have been sightless from birth?
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    @taigrr turn everything into three version of itself:

    Gray scale things.
    Sound things.
    Touchy things ( for hearing and vision impaired people )

    Otherwise there is no true inclusion and technology is discriminatory because we don't have touchy things yet.
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    Introducing GST: the grayscale-sound-touchy namespace attempting perfect inclusivity!
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    Please stop bringing PCness to programming, it's not even funny 😥
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