How to survive engineering class:

Finish assigned book work with a good hour and a half to spare before lunch block

Use websites such as translate.google.com and underget.com to bypass school firewall and web filter

Download pirated games (super hot, getting over it, kerbel space program, ect.)

Play said games until class ends

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    You forgot a step:
    Get kicked out of school because of downloading illegal games from the school network
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    Ksp player, yay.
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    How do you bypass firewalls with google translate? Our school's internet only allows ports like 80 and 443 so I cant use a vpn...
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    @Conrad Copy a website url into the Google translate box, if it complains "this website is already in your language" or something just set it to translate from some other language to English, and boom, it should show the website in Google translate.
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    Oh wow thanks gotta keep that in mind for the websites that don't have https
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    KSP is broken now thanks to the EULA...
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    Build a VPN server, firewall bypassed no problem 😎
    (Though I'd like to urge that even in the boring classes from incompetent teachers, you'll likely fail if you don't follow the classes, unless you know them already, which would imply being able to spin up a VPN server.. so yeah)
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    Back in primary school the internet had a user quota. We bypassed it by putting a link in a Microsoft word file then open it. Don't know why it worked but it did
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    @Conrad All good VPNs can run over 443 ;]
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