I went to an interview and they treat me like a criminal :(

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    so it sounded more like an interrogation? What happened?
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    For which position ? Let me guess is it a full stack?
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    You can appeal against the decision even if you weren't convicted
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    i went for a software developer position (generic as fuck) i asked to the expert some technical information, but he was routing the conversation on personal bio such as my current type of relation (single,married etc etc) and asked the same thing twice in a different way. Since i didn't like how the interview was at the last question i replied "i like to play chess and cluedo"

    the last question was: Do you do something in life? Do you have a hobby?
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    @Null0x90 they're probably following normal interview templates. Interviews don't just assess technical ability but also personality and if there is a good fit with the other people there.
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    i was in a closed enviroment and the room where the interview happened was as big as a closet.
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    @Null0x90 asking about marital status is even illegal in some countries, as it has nothing to do with the candidate's suitability to the position.
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    @Null0x90 wow that's really creepy !
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    Like good interviewer bad interviewer? "You motherfucker tell me the truth- do you have 10 years experience with swift" "bu.." "oh dont worry about him, just tell me how to implement fizzbuzz in swift"
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    there was only one cop. 😂
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    @Null0x90 asking personal questions like this in a job interview would be illegal in Germany.
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