I hate webdev. I wish I could find a job as a systems programmer or a devops engineer. I like Perl and I like C, I am not good in either, but it wouldn't take me long if I had a real job to get good in either.

I like writing CLI scripts and command line programs. Why is it not 1995? Someone get me a time machine!

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    Because tech isn't a fringe thing any more. For the most part.
    Feel free to take a look at OpenBSD without a gui if you want '95 stuff.
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    If you find a time machine, be sure to let me know as well.. this web 2.0 is ridiculous. I shouldn't need a 32GB RAM machine just to load the Phasebuk. ARPANET was a great thing.. if only we could get that back again 😔

    And yeah, backend is fun 😋 you don't have to care about looks other than the quality of the code, no stupid users to nag you, the only thing that matters is functionality and quality. I'd choose that over front-end any day! 🙂
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    Damn, sounds like I'm lucky that I never took serious interest in webdev and ended up developing for an ERP system.
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    I applied for such a position, but made clear that my interest lays in back end and web security. With that I told them I hate wp.
    They were alright with that. Guess I found a good place :)
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    @Condor a man after me own heart.
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    Same here op. I dislike webdev and design. Design ain't my field and I will never be cocky enough to say that I can do the job of a professional designer. Sadly not many places view it that way.
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    Why don't you try to get better at Perl and C and then look for a job again? Plenty of resources/open source projects to get started with.
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    Have a look at nodejs dude, it's mostly backend programming and a lot of cli too, plus you go with the times, and will have a lot of work offers if you get proficient.
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    Low level 💙
    Design 💔
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