"Video" is default app for playing videos on my phone. Can anyone explain to me why the fuck does it require permission to access SMSs, that it even denies to run any video without it?

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    The video app wants to text his friends when he’s bored .. let him have some fun .. maybe he will ask for whatsapp later lol
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    To play received videos (mms)?
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    @nbamaral okay, but what if I don't wanna give the permission, this fucker won't play those which are on my phone!! (.mp4 files)
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    I can understand your pain man. Same thing happened to me today Xender asking for location permission their reason was to locate nearby sender. I mean wtf man. For that we have wifi lol 😅😁
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    just download VLC player
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    install vlc, disable the idiot app, and forget about it.
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    @makarand yeah even ShareIt doesn't work without Location permissions.
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    Install a different player 😀
    (sometimes it's easier to find an earlier version though)
    Or install xposed, one of the privacy extensions to fake a sms inbox.
    But really, if Lenovo wants your messages, they can always read them through system, bypassing the app permissions altogether :)
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    @jAsE that's totally fine, but what's this that it won't even play videos on my phone without giving SMS access?
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    root, delete crap, install appropriate. Rest at ease.
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    @jAsE wrong. It should provide you with "Share with" box
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    It wants to make a video of your sms inbox and send it to google maybe... Maybe...
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    everytime i see those permissione questions and apps that dont work without permission..why isnt there a functionality that emulates the right but gives dummy information. Like you have the choice of "deny | allow | sandbox" to make apps work...thinking of it, it will probably end in an arms race detecting sandboxes
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    @BurnoutDV old news, but with rooting becoming such an ugly thing, nobody maintained a proper implementation, especially for newer android versions
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    @JoshBent i imagined it as a stock function that every phone should have, i mean, if it doesnt work without that permissin cause some library wants it, so be it, just feed it some dummy data it can work off, on your own risk of course
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    @BurnoutDV Wish that would become a thing, the permission system was already a step forward, but it took long enough even just to get that, don't think we'll have that sadly anytime soon
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