My FIRST EVER STAR 🌟 on Github

Check it out.


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    Your first star is on a fucking Markdown Thing.... At least put some work into it godammit
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    Bad work.
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    "Looking for free tee but feel like cheating about not actually contributing 😕"

    Yes, as if adding "your story" to your repository is actually contributing.

    You also say in your README that "instead of just adding your name to README", which, looking at your feed, you did yourself (https://github.com/Cutwell/...) just *yesterday*.

    This is just a pathetic attempt at getting a free T-shirt and you are happy to get a star on GitHub for it? Is the value of that star so much important?
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    Please judge me.
    Here is how it goes.
    1. Found out about Hacktoberfest
    2. Thought of Contributing
    3. Started looking for beginner level repos
    4. Found dozens where you just submitted your name and nothing else (did contribute to 2-3 of those coz I was still thinking about the tee)
    5. After a while didn't feel like I deserved it
    6. So thought how could I make it a little better
    7. Did what came to my mind at that moment (that is to somehow connect to already awesome people)
    7.2 Thus created the Repo
    8. Today I even ACTUALLY contributed to a Repo (even though it was a translation, but felt much better)
    9. So.... I don't know man.. 🎭
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    I sure will try to make some REAL CONTRIBUTION now that I understand how it actually should be.
    You have my words
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    I was a little harsh on you, even though I keep the mentality I had in my previous comment.

    And I get that we all need to start somewhere. Your intention wasn't bad, but had the same flaws as the "put your name in this README and count it as a PR for Hacktoberfest".

    I did see the fact that you actually created a PR that contributes to a repo without only being adding your name (a translation may seem small, but it's still something that actually helps, which is what Hacktoberfest is all about : contributing to make the world move forward!) - and that's good!

    I don't think you're a bad person, and you also explained your story progressing through what a contribution really is, which is again one of the goals of Hacktoberfest :)

    Anyhow, have a good day and go on contributing! (oh and even though I don't think it has much value, congrats on having your first star (stars, actually!) on GitHub!)
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    A step in the right direction
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