I love how some people at my University think that having barely passing grades will get them a job as a software dev as long as they have a degree... You need to grind that sh!t, degree by itself doesn't mean crap.

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    so if degree doesnt mean shit and college doesnt teach shit practically then whats the point of going to college?
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    Grades mean nothing too. Having a barely passing grade is an optimal way of doing necessary things while having time for your own business.
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    @irene literally what i do
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    @irene @SukMikeHok @Franboo You didn't quite understand what I was aiming for, that's probably my fault for expressing myself poorly. I never meant that they should work their asses off in order to obtain good grades. What I meant was, that they aren't interested in software engineering at all, don't work on their dev skills on their own. I stand with you that grades don't mean shit (don't get me wrong, college is awesome and you learn a ton of stuff, but related with finding a job later, grades don't mean shit), that's why I actually wrote this. But people think that picking a highly lucrative major and barely knowing anything, just crawling through those 4 years is going to get them a job just because they made it through.
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    @SubArcticZero that is the whole other story 🤔
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    No one ever asked me for my grades after my graduation.
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