I love how some people at my University think that having barely passing grades will get them a job as a software dev as long as they have a degree... You need to grind that sh!t, degree by itself doesn't mean crap.

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    so if degree doesnt mean shit and college doesnt teach shit practically then whats the point of going to college?
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    Grades mean nothing too. Having a barely passing grade is an optimal way of doing necessary things while having time for your own business.
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    Have to second @irene on this.
    Grades haven't ever mattered, at least for me or anyone I know, when it came to getting a job. Never even put them on my c.v. and never been asked for them in an interview.
    I know people who got a passing grade by less than 5% who got a job almost straight out of college.
    So yeah, just take it easy and don't fret about it basically.
    (But for personal satisfaction maybe try your best.)
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    @irene literally what i do
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    @irene @SukMikeHok @Franboo You didn't quite understand what I was aiming for, that's probably my fault for expressing myself poorly. I never meant that they should work their asses off in order to obtain good grades. What I meant was, that they aren't interested in software engineering at all, don't work on their dev skills on their own. I stand with you that grades don't mean shit (don't get me wrong, college is awesome and you learn a ton of stuff, but related with finding a job later, grades don't mean shit), that's why I actually wrote this. But people think that picking a highly lucrative major and barely knowing anything, just crawling through those 4 years is going to get them a job just because they made it through.
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    @SubArcticZero that is the whole other story 🤔
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    No one ever asked me for my grades after my graduation.
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    @SubArcticZero That makes sense. I mean, it's a lucrative industry so it's always going to attract people like that. Some of them will learn to enjoy it during the course, some will drop out, and some will finish the course and then become waiters.
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