I've been doing really well at putting my personal life back together, and am actually very happy at the moment with life. My wife and I are not fighting anymore, I am taking approach of being grateful for what I do have instead of mad at what I don't.

Things are good.

Which is why I find it ironic that the tone at work has changed dramatically from what it was a few weeks/months ago.

Essentially, I am the only person to keep the servers running, do new development of functionality, I literally do everything.

Not sure what they are going to do actually if I leave.

They will have to pay someone at least double my salary to get comparable results and even so, I am sure they will be disappointed in whomever they choose and that person will be quite surprised at the scope of their responsibilities and being interrupted every 5 minutes to switch tasks to something else, to the point very little real work gets done.

And it all rests on their shoulders, the entire web empire.

I thought maybe I could salvage this job and keep pushing along, but with the current tone, I just have a gut feeling all is lost for me.

They will bring in someone new over the next few months for me to train and them to test out.

Once that is complete it is audios for me I am sure.

They already brought one person in, and excitedly told me how great a senior engineer he is, turns out he couldn't do basic things, and never heard from him again.

Just rambling thoughts. I am just glad that ultimately, I am happy right now, and my life is improving dramatically.

Jobs are a dime a dozen, so being happy is my #1 priority and if they decide to get rid of me, I am fine with that, I can easily get on with other companies for the short term, although the other companies are much like this one, so I don't want to, I want to stay here until I find the perfect company. But, that decision may not be mine to make.

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    I think you're thinking too much about it. Have you ever thought that the new guy could be a promotion for you?
    Its a possibility, nonetheless. Just relax, take it easy, do what you do best and make yourself, above everything else, happy. Its what makes life good, being happy with yourself and your accomplishments.
    And even if you get out, I'm sure you will get the right company for you to work on. :)
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