So I tried running android studio. 3gb ram. Ubuntu logged out. Couldn't handle. Not enough ram.

Got a person who's selling dell inspiron 5559. i5 6th gen, 8 gigs ddr3. I think that's enough to run android studio. I never got a laptop that powerful before 😂

What do you think about it? I'm getting it around 50k pkr (around 405usd)

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    Is it used or new?
    I personally would check Lenovo and also check for higher RAM
    But the specs are good not sure about the price tbh but you can compare with Amazon to at least have a clue on prices, but imo at least get 16GB ram
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    @gitpush I'm not going for too much. I would've if I had a job. I'm buying this because of my father and brother backing me up. So I'm getting something I can use for dev now and later on when I get a job I'll buy whatever seems good 😄. It's used. There are no scratches etc. I'll be testing it when I go there. Benchmarking etc to see if it works properly.
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    @boopboop oh in this case as I said the specs are good but I never owned a Dell, better check with someone who used a Dell before
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    Can't complain about dells. Hi quality, reliable, comfortable devices.

    As for specs and $ -- keep in mind that nobody will ever release AS, sdk or any other sw requiring LESS ram. Further releases will need more and more. If you're buying this lappy for short term, say 2 years, it might be enough, considering you're gonna work with java sdk and java-based tools. But 2 years later you'll start running out of memory again and that will cost you another $600 to get another lappy. So either look for a laptop w/ more ram today or get one with replaceable dimms or start saving another $.6k. Or get a pc instead - they tend to be cheaper 😀

    P.S. Does this cpu have virtualization support? Like vt-x/vt-d? I think AS emulator might need one
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    @netikras you covered this beautifully my dude, i was about to say something similar
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    @netikras Ha! I've never heard anyone say "lappy". It makes it sounds like a cute thing. I'll remember it!
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    How about this.


    I Bought this from local lenovo shop and ask dealer to change HDD to SSD (250 gb). He changed it for 5000 extra and give me a cabel for run HDD as USB. (And if you bought this with any company's name 18% tax reduce.)
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    Your old pc is pretty shit.
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