I didn't post for a long time, so I'll just post this story which just makes me believe in school again

The teacher returned my Programming test about Java (I've used Java for literally 3-4 years):

"Haha ${myName} I've got more points than you." (in German obviously.)

(The teacher we had wasnt a full teacher yet so he had another teacher to watch over his class)

The "overseer" teacher heard the guy blaming me and asked why he was "mean" to me.

Other guy : "he told me that Java was his primary language, but he still got this task toally wrong"

Teacher : "how could you mess this up ${myName}?"

Me: "I used a for loop instead of a while loop and didn't get any points for that, even though the task doesn't state what to use"

(We were in the begining of learning Java btw)

The "overseer" teacher then told the half teacher that I should get the points because what I did was more than correct.

(I used ".forEach" with lambda)

In the end I got the pointsand I was happy

(I should state that the dialog came out of my head and were translated)

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    That always really bothered me. They'd give some assignment and then forbid you from using 99% of all the tools available because they wanted you to do it the specific way they lectured.

    It's good to hear they awarded you the credit.
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