I just wanted to thank you guys for giving me some enjoyable content to read when I'm in the train in Japan 😁

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    Was with my best friend for 3 weeks in Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and more ... some days here, some days there.
    It's just wonderful, beautiful... and sometimes full ☺
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    @Irithyll Yep I really enjoy my stay in Japan. Everything is so convenient, people are so welcoming and helpful and the best thing to me is the festivals. I always have a good time when I go to some. Btw, as I am an exchange student I will stay here for 8 more months yayyy 😁
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    9 hours to go for the Japanese Grand Prix...
    Planning a trip to Japan in May to watch the Suzuka SuperGT race. Gonna be a good time
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    @SubArcticZero I'm not here with uni haha. I came here thanks to the rotary exchange program. I'm very lucky and thank you very much. I hope you'll be able to enjoy the Japanese life soon 😁
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