My friend (who is the love of my life) apparently has Linux running on her machine. She’s already awesome, but this made me 100% love her.

I must ask her out.

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    If you need a confidence booster, I've noticed that most girls will say yes to going to a small Cafe with you. Just make asking not awkward and straight forward. Nothing like saying "Would you like to go on a date with me to $cafe?"

    That was how I scored my first date with my now wife.
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    Protip don't set it up as a date on her mind, something like "I'm going to x café next week wanna tag along we could check on/catch up y or z".

    If she's already your friend its easy af.
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    Slam dat ass
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    It's a trap! Run!
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    @irene Y u gotta make me sad. Я не хочу грустить.
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    try, make it simple, honest.
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    @ribchinski a girl will break your mind. That's what I meant. Attachment is temporary but people treat it as permanent for some reason.
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    @irene I've been through that and I agree on that but isn't this the whole point of living? Yeah, you could feed your ego with your career and knowledge but isn't the warmth of your sweetheart the most satisfying thing?
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    @funvengeance there is no point whatsoever. Everyone makes point for themselves
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    Go! A random dude from Guatemala in the middle of nowhere tells you to. Ask her out!!!!!
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    Edit her grub boot screen and ask for date there
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    @shahidcodes well, I either have to figure out how to SSH her without her noticing, or somehow figuring out where she lives in my town and breaking into her house :/
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    @ribchinski Plus what if she uses some other bootloader like rEFInd (the one I personally use)? There's so many possibilities
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