Usenet vs Torrenting?


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    Torrents, because they're free :p
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    I never really believed in that Usenet stuff even though it's advertised that you can literally get everything there. Does someone actually have experience with this?
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    Isn't Usenet dead already?
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    Should be still alive (I think it'll never die... at least not in the near future) and some ppl are more into this... I'm a sharehoster-guy 😂
    Usenet is somehow... weird. Never used it or anything like that.

    Torrents are nice but holy fuck... searching, finding and the ability of get data is sometimes a game of luck 😂 🍀
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    @Irithyll thepiratebay.org katcr.co yts.am privatehd.to not if you know where to look lol
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    I know the sites. Still it's luck whether there are leechers or not. And there isn't everything - e. g. some discographies lossless ofc. ☺
    Therefore I'm using other sites. 🧐
    In the case it's music I'd try to buy it first :3
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    @XiovV how can I connect to the closed club? 🤔
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    @Irithyll try Russian trackers. There are loads of everything.
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    @XiovV how to connect to Usenet?
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    I know them all... really. 😂
    But it depends on other human beings and that's shit 😢

    Therefore - sharehoster > torrent > buying. ☺
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    @Irithyll sharehoster? 🤔
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    Share-Online, Mega, Uploaded, ...

    I'm paying for having a premium account (Share-Online) , so I'm able to download with my whole bandwidth. (only limitation is 100GB/day max.)

    There are different sites where people offer their uploaded files. (boerse, anime-loads,...).
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    @Irithyll oh, now i understand. the fileshares
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