Quick evening project of mine:
MiFare NFC card UID changer.

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    What does this do exactly? I'm confused
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    What tools do you use to programm the uC? Atmel Studio? What programmer? I always wanted to get into eletronics but both programmers I got myself didn't work!
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    I also have the rc522 reader/writer. Never managed to overwrite the UID part though. Ordered new cards on Amazon but delivery time is like a month. 😔
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    what's it for?
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    @HampusMa @JoshBent There are special UID writable NFC cards out there. I'll be using this to get past some very shitty security.

    @julkali Arduino, this is some chinese Arduino nano.

    @olback Simmilar problem for me, I ordered 4-byte uid changeable cards, while I need 7-byte uid ones.
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