At my previous job it was myself and a high school acquaintance working for a small business. He came from a server side scripting background whilst I was a majority front end guy. He had no front end attention to detail and whenever he would write stuff for the website front end it was often just slapped together. Multiple times he’d do this and then get pissy when I’d mention something about how to do it better and more consistent with the front end design overall.. drove me insane

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    I have extreme little experience with front end so whenever I need to do anything front end related I pull the front end dev over and ask what adjustments he thinks I should make. First thing I made was an admin tool which was just a simple front end for some batch task, the html was just the elements I needed to accomplish the task thrown onto the page with nothing extra and no styling, thinking I'd make it work and then prettify it after. Sadly it was needed sooner than expected and went live like that. I'm sure anyone who clicks in there without knowing probably thinks something went wrong loading the page.
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