Had this with a junior:

J: Can you help me quickly?

M: Yeah, what’s up?

J: I don’t know how to make this thing work in twig (tpl engine, like jinja2)

M: hmm, you need to write if condition and it should work

J: yeah, but how do I do that in twig?

M: just write if condition in brackets, like you would in php

J: *writes: ‘{{ <?php if...’*

M: *screaming* No!!!

This guy, he freaked out, like literally jumped up and then had this look for the rest of the day, like he’s gonna kill me.

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    God damnit, open the docs!
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    Reading this over and over to make me learn a moral of the story is be very careful of what you say to Junior programmers. They take things literally like writing a PHP IF statement in a twig template.

    In fact, be very careful of what you say to any programmer. Like "Honey, go to the shop and buy eggs. If you see milk, get a dozen." 🤦‍♂️
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    @agentQ The junior was too lazy to check the docs. He asked a stupid question.
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    Hug him .-.
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    @agentQ In your sentence, I'd buy any number of eggs (probably 2) and a dozen of Milk. Subjects are the fallback parameters.

    You just have to state things correctly...
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    As a junior, you should ALWAYS be checking the docs before asking questions...( Heck even as a senior you should)

    Its the best way to learn... And how do you find out if they're is no documentation, you look for it when you try to check it
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