This is one of the worst project I've seen so far.

For one, the project has some very horrible spaghetti code that relies on several bugs for essential functionality.

But that's not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about the project source control.

So they copy their entire project for each version, and put the last project folder under a folder called legacy(sometimes even misspelled)
See the picture for a graphical representation.

The project is stored on a single USB stick with a backup made twice a year to another stick.

They swap the stick once a day between the two devs.

This is fucking awful!
They didn't even realize how bad this was.

  • 52
    I just got eye cancer from seeing this 😶
  • 25
    There’s chaos and then there’s... wait what even the fuck were they thinking to come to Some deluded idea of collaboration.
  • 8
    Holy fuck
  • 15
    Hehehe. Should I praise them for at least trying to keep a versioning system? Or curse them for using one of the worse versioning system?
  • 6
    My eyes... gone.
  • 10
    Now I've seen a lot of shitty versionning systems but that's a first 😂

    Also I hope you're not using windows because the path length limit will be the end of you
  • 4
    Referencing 'House of Leaves':
    "Then, the nightmares will begin"
  • 4
    how do you merge?
  • 4
    @lun0 merging not the repositories, but their own minds, like a hivemind
  • 3
    Why don't you suggest them Git?
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    The only way to improve this would be to start zipping legacy code every time. You may even get a promotion by suggesting that.
  • 2
    Ahahhahhahahhahahaha this made my morning
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