Fuck you, money.

Today I found out that I have a negative amount of money on my credit card, and now I guess I owe money to the credit card company. I can't pay for my gym, I can't pay tuition, can't shop. Nothing. Got 1K in the bank account and almost 3K debt on the card. The sorry-ass job I have in college isn't enough and because of some STUPID PAPERWORK I'm stripped naked by the income tax until I get it right, and it will take another MONTH until I have my money back retroactively. Now I gotta take a loan from my girlfriend to cover this shit up.

I remember I set it up like this so I won't have a negative amount of money on my bank account (for the rent to be paid on time) but now I'm fucked in a (w)hole different way.


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    Is it the fault of money or of you spending to much?
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    Not trying to be a dick, but this seems like bad money management skills on your behalf.
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    Yeah you might want to listen to some David Ramsey. You need help.
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    The thing is I had almost no time to work during the last year due to college courses (including summer), so I had almost no income. I tried spending during the year as little as possible, even on food (had like 3 beers in 10 months), and still got in this mess.
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