Other really autistic Dev: hey how does this work?
Me: *stop what I'm doing and go to his side* well I'm not entirely sure since I didn't write any of this but I believe it must be... Proceed to try and explain the code

Other Dev: *uses his hands in a shut up motion and raises it's voice* NO, I ASKED HOW DOES THIS WORK?!?!

Me: ok I don't know I'm just trying to help

Other Dev: literally repeats the same thing as before but even louder.

Me: get extremely annoyed and tell him wait man you really are disrespecting me Im just trying to help

Other Dev: no I'm not disrespecting you

Me: *internally screaming* ok... I'll go and do my work any other questions you have put them on slack

How the fuck can people communicate like this?

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    You don’t, you stay away from them
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    @rmrfhead damn that's tough... Here have a ++ and a warm welcome!
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    Sounds like a sketch where the guy literally wants to know how 'this' works, lol
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    this? it doesn't.
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    "And raisis *its* voice" 😂
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    wow and I thought some of my colleagues were asocial. also, welcome to DevRant! 🙃
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    I mean, if he's actually autistic, he probably doesn't know it any better

    At least the ones i know wouldn't
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    foo: this is on first
    bar: no, Whois on first
    foo: Who's whois?
    bar: whois tells you who owns what's online
    foo: what's on line?
    bar: online is this
    foo: no, this is on first

    (i need sleep)
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    @Krokoklemme oh man I get it but if you are telling someone he is disrespecting you there is no room for subjectivity in there, also wasn't the first time he acted like this
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