Trying to figure out why load average on my EU server was +30 all weekend long almost entire 3 days, traffic wasn't too bad, then suddenly drops off to the normal 3LA and is staying steady.

Keep getting worried the sites aren't operational, even though orders are still flowing in.

crazy unexplainable things I guess.

At least the sites never slowed at +30LA which means my code is pretty damn efficient.

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    How many minutes is that load on? If 1min, then crazy
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    See Dmesg. See processes list - monitor their states. Any in D state? Iotop. What's server's iow? Does your cpu get downthrottled
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    I've had about 40 LA on my home server (which has only 4 cores) a while back, but unfortunately I wasn't as lucky :') server became almost completely unresponsive and eventually I had to reboot the whole thing. Probably it was caused by some runaway processes in an Android compiler container.. strangely the load issue didn't improve even after killing that container. So the whole thing had to be taken down after only 50 days 😥
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    I've checked everything and could never figure it out. Even though traffic wasn't too much above normal, I was still getting very high LA.

    But from what I could tell it was due to php-fpm. Idk why with only a few thousand hits/sec it was causing the 16 cores to process like they were when normally it stays below 3LA.

    I made some changes in cpanel and restart php-fpm and now all is fine.

    Prob some bs in cpanel which I find is cause of a lot of these weird issues.
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