I think someone puts roofies in my energy drink every morning, because recruiters contact me about positions I don't remember applying for.

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    Energy Drink Every Morning!!!

    Have you ever heard about the magical power of Black Tea leaves with soluble carbohydrates named "Sugar" used for sweet tasting and give you the energy you need, mixed with white liquid nutrient-rich named "Milk"?
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    @FahadAlt I associate tea-drinking with dentures and those soft biscuits you dip in when you're too old to chew.
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    I like to have 2 monsters first thing in the morning.
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    I'd work for them.
    ... Maybe.

    I'd probably kick their linux driver team in the shins a few times. 😊
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    @Root why the shins?
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    @icycrash because it's painful?
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    @Root but why not the head maybe it will knock some sense in them.
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    @icycrash That's for the managers 😇
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    @Root oh okay. Have fun
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